Advertising Rates 広告掲載料金

Display ad 記事下広告

Basic rate 基本料金

The basic rate for placing an ad in The Japan News is 7,200 yen per column-centimeter (height 1 cm x width 1 column).
The minimum ad space is 3 column-centimeters (height 3 cm x width 1 column).


General advertising rates 記事下広告料金・定価

※Number in parentheses denotes size for advertisements in millimeters (height x width). For more information, please contact us.
※( )内の数値は、実寸(天地×左右、単位:mm)です。他のサイズについては、お問い合わせください。

Contract rate 契約料金

Contract rates are available for those who meet the following requirements:
 1. You contract the period, space and number of times an advertisement will run in advance.
 2. Total ad space during a six-month period is over one page.
Some advertisements may require additional charges.

 1. 出稿の期間とスペース、回数をあらかじめ契約した場合
 2. 6か月当たりの出稿量の合計が1ページを超える場合

Total ad space during six-month period
Unit cost per column-centimeter
Over one pages 1ページ超 5,600 yen
Over two pages 2ページ超 5,000 yen
Over three pages 3ページ超 4,500 yen
Over four pages 4ページ超 4,200 yen
Over six pages 6ページ超 3,800 yen
Over eight pages 8ページ超 3,500 yen

Additional charges 付加料金

For color ads 色刷り料金

1. Spot color (Use of special colors requires an additional charge) 単色料金(特別な色指定は別途設定)
Up to half page サイズ1/2ページ以下 170,000 yen
Half page to full page サイズ1/2ページ超 280,000 yen
2. Full color 多色料金
Up to half page サイズ1/2ページ以下 660,000 yen
Half page to full page サイズ1/2ページ超 1,000,000 yen

For specified position or day 指定料金

To reserve an advertisement's position or day, there is an extra charge of 15 percent of the total ad cost.


For center-spread ads 二連版料金

78,000 yen

Color printing a center-spread ad is an additional 50 percent over the color ad cost.


※Advertising rates do not include production costs or consumption tax.

Special position ad 小枠広告

Special position advertising rates 小枠広告掲載料金

※Number in parentheses denotes size for advertisements in millimeters (height x width).
※( )内の数値は、実寸(天地×左右、単位:mm)です。

Note: Contract rates apply for at least 1 insertion per month for at least six months.

Additional charges for front page 付加料金(小枠広告)

Color charge for front page 一面色刷り料金

Spot color 単色料金 32,000 yen
Full color 多色料金 105,000 yen

※Advertising rates do not include production costs and consumption tax.


Further Details 入稿規定ほか

Advertisement size 原稿寸法
Column(s) mm
1 57
2 119
3 181
4 243
5 305
6 367
Submission Schedule 入稿スケジュール
  1. 1. The ad must be placed 10 days before the publication date.
  2. 2. We accept ad materials in Illustrator EPS file. For further information, please contact us.
  3. 3. The deadline for submission is 4 working days before the publication date for ordinary ads and 7 days before the publication date for special-feature ads and color ads.
1. 広告申込
2. 広告原稿
3. 原稿締切

※Advertising rates do not include production costs and consumption tax.

Classified ad 案内広告

Classified ad rates 案内広告掲載料金(社組)

Point size
Basic charge (up to 20 words)
Extra charge (for each additional word)
8 point 13,000 yen 1,000 yen
10 point 15,000 yen 1,100 yen
12 point 18,000 yen 1,200 yen
14 point 22,000 yen 1,300 yen
(How to count the number of words Word(語)換算の例)
  1. 1. Addresses: Wards and towns are counted as one word (e.g. Chiyoda-ku is counted as one word). Lot numbers are also counted as one word (e.g. 1-7-1 is counted as three words).
  2. 2. A telephone number is treated as one word.
  3. 3. E-mail address: Letters between dots are counted as one word.
  4. 4. Such marks as 〜, *, ( ), a.m. and p.m. are not counted at all.
  5. 5. Rates for window ads are subject to an additional charge equivalent to a charge for two lines.
  1. 1. 住所は区・町単位でそれぞれ1word(Chiyoda-ku=1word)。番地は1word(1-7-1=3words)。
  2. 2. 電話番号は市外局番も含めて1word。
  3. 3. E-mailアドレスは .(ドット)から .(ドット)までが1word。
  4. 4. 〜、※、()、a.m、p.m.等の記号はカウントしません。
  5. 5. Box囲みは社組料金のほかにスペース料金2行分が加算されます。

Classified display ad 案内広告料金

10 mm x 1 column 12,600 yen

Charge for blank line 社組スペース(改行)料金

8〜14 point 1,500 yen per line, regardless of point size 1行につき

For classified display ads, 1 column is 57 millimeters wide and two columns are 119 millimeters wide.


Min. (30 mm × 1 column) 最小サイズ 37,800 yen
Scheduling 申込締切

Ads must be placed 4 days before the date you wish the ad to appear.


Frequency discounts 案内広告の回数・連載割引
(applicable only for the same advertisement 原稿の差し替えを行った場合は適用しません)

Three+ times in one month or three+ consecutive days 5% off
Five+ times in one month or five+ consecutive days 10% off
Ten+ times in one month or ten+ consecutive days 15% off

月3回以上掲載または3連載 5%引き
月5回以上掲載または5連載 10%%引き
月10回以上掲載または10連載 15%引き