Japan is the country where newspapers are read the most

Japan is the world’s leading country in terms of daily newspaper sales

Japan has the highest percentage of newspapers readers

Door-to-door delivery system supports the high subscription rate

The reason newspapers are read by so many people in Japan is the highly established door-to-door delivery system. The rate of home delivery in Japan is 95.2%. The Yomiuri Shimbun is delivered every day by around 79,000 staff members working at approximately 7,300 newspaper dealers throughout Japan.
One of the characteristics of Japanese newspapers is the existence of a large number of long-term subscribers. Nearly 60 percent of our subscribers have been getting The Yomiuri Shimbun delivered to their home for over 10 years.

Media that is recognized for its credibility and influence on society

Newspapers are accessed by over 80% of people

In contrast to the entertainment value of TV,
newspapers are recognized for their social value

In addition to news articles, newspaper advertisements are highly recognized
for their credibility and fairness

Newspapers are the first source of information in the morning

Outline of the surveys
[ J-READ 2015 ] Survey period: January 31 to February 6, 2016 Survey Region: Nationwide Sampling method: RDD Survey method: Mail survey No. of sample collected: 28,990 Respondents: M&F 15-69 years old Letterhead and Fieldwork: Video Research Ltd.
[ 2013 National Media Access and Evaluation Survey ] Survey period: November 20 to December 15, 2013 Survey Region: Nationwide Survey method: Placement method No. of sample collected: 3,801 Respondents: M&F 15-79 years old Letterhead and Fieldwork: CENTRAL RESEARCH SERVICES, INC.

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