Covering everything from the latest news to lifestyle information

Morning edition

The morning edition covers a wide range of topics in a maximum of 40 pages. While page layout is fixed depending on the day of the week, the order, total number of pages, and number of columns of advertisements will vary according to the volume of news.

Example of page allocation

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Politics ( 4 )

Covering Japan's political trends including domestic politics, foreign affairs, security issues, elections, etc.

General ( 2-3 )

Includes the Editorial, as well as articles linked to reporting on the top page.

Front ( 1 )

Reporting exclusive news stories over a long history, the Front page is the face of The Yomiuri Shimbun. The “Henshu Techo” (Editor’s Notes) column has many fans.

Economy & Business ( 8-9 )

Covering domestic and international economic trends, with a focus on Japan’s economic policy and information relating to business.

International ( 6-7 )

Covers the political situation in countries all over the world, as well as incidents, accidents, and issues of the moment.

Sports ( 24-25 )

Covers a variety of international topics, such as Major League Baseball, European soccer, tennis, and golf in addition to sports that are popular in Japan, such as professional baseball, J-League professional soccer, and Grand Sumo tournaments.

Lifestyle ( 16-17 )

Providing information on life’s essentials – housing, food and clothes- as well as family life. This page is particularly popular with female readers.

Household Finances ( 15 )

Covers useful economic and consumption related information from the consumer’s perspective. The latest trends and popular products attract readers’ attention.

TV Listings ( 36 )

In today’s world where electronic program guides dominate, many people continue to use the page due to its readability. Being located on the last page, it tends to catch readers’ eyes.

City News ( 33-35 )

Reporting news on incidents, accidents and court cases from each region across Japan. The cartoon, which has run for over 30 years, is also popular.

Packed with highly topical articles and advertisements

Evening edition

The evening edition is issued every day except Sunday. In addition to news, it is full of highly topical articles that vary depending on the day of the week, such as fashion and entertainment.


Covers the latest national and international news.


Covers sports news that could not be included in the morning edition due to the time difference because the match was held overseas, etc.


Focuses on the latest fashions, such as trends of popular designers and brands.

Advertising supplement

Advertising supplements enable advertisers to select paper size and quality as well as target areas.

Advertising space

Advertising space varies in size, allowing you to choose the optimal space for your purpose and budget.

Annual advertising volume

The annual volume of advertisements posted on The Yomiuri Shimbun reaches the equivalent of 8,676 newspaper pages (fiscal year 2014, Tokyo edition), accounting for 45% of the overall pages. The high volume is the result of The Yomiuri Shimbun being consistently chosen by many advertisers.

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