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Delivering domestic and international news 24 hours a day


With over 250 million monthly page views, YOMIURI ONLINE is one of Japan’s largest news sites. It delivers domestic and international news 24 hours a day in real time and uses social media including Twitter, as well as providing video streaming services.
Nearly 60% of YOMIURI ONLINE users are employed and over 80% of users view YOMIURI ONLINE from their PC.

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Advertising space

Displays a large banner under the title. Rich media advertisement with high visibility.

Ote Komachi


An online magazine targeting female readers with nearly 143 million monthly page views. It allows advertisers to invite users’ opinions on the popular “Hatsugen Komachi” bulletin board and put the results in the newspaper advertising.
Nearly 60% of Ote Komachi users are 30-40s.

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